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ESPER Design’s Gi-Lite  teaser video!

This little ditty was produced by us here at GG for our friends over the pond who are mounting an exciting new venture. Get bemused!

# daveydanceblog# esper# gi-lite# teaser

30 sec Dean Street Mustard spot: “Pretzel”

Sardonic Kindle Ad

Video by GuerillaGorilla for WeCameInPeace & TD Bank for their A-Tree-M installation

Barbour International Tour video: DUMBO

DUMBO is one of @simplycyn’s #inspiringplaces. I filmed her seeing the world differently on the@BarbourInternational Tour. Shot and edited in iPhone.

# inspiringplaces# barbour# addicted2etsy

James Brute - “Bury Yourself”

copyright 2014

directed by David Fishel

written by James Steel - all rights reserved

performed, recorded and produced by James Steel, Mat Martin and Nick Foots

with special thanks to Lillian Wilkie, Nick Foots, Michelle Wilkins, Mat Martin, The Gun E9

# daveydanceblog# jamesbrute# jimmythebrute# bury yourself# burried alive# music# indie# indy# rockabilly

30 sec Dean Street Mustard spot: “Hot Dog”

David Fishel directed this video to promote Jesse Gage’s comedy superhero musical, OKLAHOMO!

GG was commissioned to make this 15 second video for Barbour International and Instagram as part of their Barbour International Tour.


GuerillaGorilla is pleased to annouce that 2 films by David Fishel will premiere at Lincoln Center as part of Dance on Camera 2014.

On Feb 1, a 60-minute documentary Fishel directed about Dance, Horses, and Autism entitled HÄSTDANS på HOVDALA will premiere at 1pm the Walter Reade Theatre at Film Soeciety of Lincoln Center.

Read more and Buy Tickets here:

Also on Feb 1, at 3:30pm a short called NATURAL SELECTION (Created for Dances Made to Order 2013) will screen in the shorts program in the very same theatre for the very same festival at the very same Lincoln Center.
here is a trailer-y thing:
Read more and Buy Tickets here:
Dance on Camera is Co-Presented by The Film Society of Lincoln Center and Dance Films Association
# dance# horse# sweden# autism# hovdala# daveydanceblog# guerillagorilla
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